Desk Drive 1.4.3 Released

Some minor updates and fixes.

  1. Run after installation - The installer has an option to run the program after installation. I’ve always appreciated this option in other programs but until recently, I couldn’t find a way to do this in a Visual Studio generated installer. I’ll blog more about this particular technique in a future article.
  2. Migrate settings - Again a minor annoyance. The settings class in the .Net framework does not automatically migrate settings from one version of the program to the next. There’s a technique to do this I’ll discuss in a future article.
  3. Translations - German translation has been updated (Thanks Thomas!). Added Slovakian (Thanks Vito!). Currently, Desk Drive supports German, Italian and Slovakian. Come on folks, it’s only twenty strings and a simple text file (look at DeskDrive.exe.xml in the distribution). I would really like to have Asian languages supported (Chinese and Japanese especially).
  4. Changed “Show locus effect” to “Show positional effect” (Thanks again to Thomas for the more descriptive phrasing).

Do not hesitate to send comments and suggestions. I read them all and try to incorporate the ones that seem to matter most. For instance, the idea to exclude specific drives came from a user (Thanks Jeff!). I’ll put up a survey later to discuss the most interesting ideas.

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