PicLens Rocks

PicLens is a browser plug-in for Firefox that presents images in a unique and interesting way. It makes for a compelling, alternative way to browse images and news.

I don’t have a high-end graphics card in my laptop. In fact, it’s the integrated Intel chip set that ships on many laptops and yet it has plenty of power to present a smooth, stutter free presentation (even in Vista so there!). While there are not a load of sites that support this yet, there are some notable publishers like Amazon who provide support.

One of the cooler features that has hooked me is the “Discover” mode. Once installed, it places an icon in the right corner of your browser as pictured below (yellow highlighted area).


Clicking on it puts you in “Discover” mode when the site does not have a PicLens compatible RSS media feed. In Discover mode you get a selection of news and information presented in PicLens’ unique image browsing format. It’s really cool.

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