Friday Links #6

I’m on vacation in Yellowstone for the next couple of weeks so this will be the last “techy” post until I return. I will post pictures of trip here along the way if I get the chance.

Control C - automated solution that will monitor your clipboard and store the data for you so you can later share or retrieve for yourself contents copied to your clipboard that otherwise would have been lost forever. All content uploaded from your clipboard is encrypted to protect your data completely.

PodiPodi - Shift-Z to navigate the Web. I kind of didn’t get it but the implementation is very cool.

[Down 2 Earth Impact Calculator](http://down2earth.eu/impact_calculator/) - See how big of a hole you can put in the Earth.

The 100 Oldest Companies - The oldest living company today is one from Japan. It is a 1,290-year-old hotel located at a hot spring, run by 46 generations of the Hoshi family.

New Windows Live Writer - My favorite blog composer has just been updated (beta, but still cool).

Wordle - Beautiful word clouds. Interesting variations and fonts.

Absolute Positioning Inside Relative Positioning - CSS Tricks always has great articles and explanations on all things CSS.

The History of Firefox 1.0 to 3.0 in Screenshots - I forgot all about that weird red banner on the first version.

Pluto Gets Reclassified Again - Will Pluto ever get respect?

Select Multiple Lines of Text in Firefox 3 - Cool selection trick in the newest Firefox. You did download it, didn’t you?

How to Make Windows Vista Less Annoying - Good tips on how to make Vista a bit more friendly. Hey, even a Vista fan like me finds aspects of the interface annoying.

Using C# 3.0 (.Net 3.5) syntax in a .Net 2.0 application - I’ve talked about this before. You can use many of the new C# features while still targeting .Net 2.0. This article does a good job of summarizing those features.

HashTab - I love this little guy. New release adds drag and drop support.

Quickly Remove Formatting when you Copy-Paste Text In Office - Great way to get plain text from Word.

Rogue Software Lies - Hang Onto Your Money! - These products look so legit it’s hard to believe they’re rouge. Very enlightening.

Redirect to another page when session timeout in ASP.NET - Great tip on how to remind users to save their work.

Global Rich List : How Rich Am I in The World ? - See where you rank in the world. Warning! Possibly depressing.

Diagnose Assembly Binding Failures - This useful tool is included in the SDK. Who knew!

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