Friday Links #2

Elevator Quickly Disables UAC for Specific Programs - You can disable the UAC for specific applications using the registry or you can use this handy-dandy alternative which is much easier. Installation is fussy so read the directions carefully.

Find the Subscriber Count of a FeedBurner RSS Feed on a Given Day - From Digital Inspiration.

HP Smart Web Printing enables simple, predictable web page printing - HP Smart Web Printing lets you select, store and organize text and graphics from multiple web pages and then edit and print exactly what you see onscreen. It gives you the control you need to print meaningful information while minimizing waste.

Royalty-Free Clip Art - Images are especially useful to bloggers.

Will Gmail Get Themes? - Rumor about custom layouts for Google’s web mail client.

Folder View Gets You Back to That Last Folder Quickly - I wrote about Folder View earlier. Works great.

How to make a Physical Gmail Notifier - Fun project that uses a glowing cube to make a GMail notifier.

$100 Tablet Targets Amazon Kindle & Sony Book Reader - Fully functional tablet computer sports dual touch sensitive screens.

Ukadc.Diagnostics - .NET diagnostics library the extends System.Diagnostics namespace. Highly regarded.

Rock Solid Joinery With Tenon-Lok - Rounded dovetail mortise and tenon joinery. Ingenious.

Global Distribution of the World’s Water - Interesting, interesting, interesting chart of our world’s water distribution.

Did you know… You can use F12 in the Object Browser to go to the definition of whatever’s selected? - No Sara, I didn’t know that and it’s way cool.

Nano Brewing Technologies - Brew your own beer automatically. Please Mommy, can I have one?

MPRESS - Free high-performance executable packer for PE32/PE32+/.NET - Nerdy yes, but I like it.

FreeSnap Maximizes Windows Horizontally or Vertically - Lifehacker digs Freesnap. I’m famous! (well maybe not but I can dream).

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