Links - 2008-05-04

Seems like there is a lot more to read as of late on the Web. Either that or I’m just bored.

StuffSafe - Online home inventory. I made the mistake of using Microsoft Money’s home inventory years ago. Don’t do the same.

Tip: Silence Window’s Command Line Error Beep - This is one of those priceless little tips I should of thought of.

XS EULA Generator - Need a quick end user license agreement (EULA)? This is the way to go.

Google Recipe Search - In beta. Very cool.

The Vulcan Project - Maps of pollution hotspots by NASA. Very interesting…

ThreeSharp Library for Amazon S3 - Open source project in C# for interacting with Amazon’s very cool S3 storage service.

NeoLoad - Performance testing for Web applications. Looks interesting.

Ajaxload - Ajax loading gif generator. There are a lot of these on the net. This allows better color control.

Fold Laundry Faster - Stupid pet trick for folding shirts. Guess I’m a sucker for short cuts.

Students can Get Free Microsoft Software - If you’re a student, you could save some serious coin here.

Feed Analysis for your FeedBurner Feeds - Forecasts the performance of your blog based on FeedBurner statistics. I’m doomed according to their analysis.

Windows Utility to Create Self-Extracting Archives - IExpress is part of Windows and does a decent job of building self archiving files. Who knew?

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