Repairing IE7 in Vista

I’ve been using Vista on my new laptop for 3 months now and still like it. I’m puzzled why there is such hatred leveled at this operating system. CNet in fact called it one of the 5 worst technologies of 2007. I guess I’ve just been lucky.

Yesterday, I hit my first real issue and I’m not even sure it’s a Vista issue so much as an IE7 issue. Anyway, I couldn’t open web pages in IE7 without getting JavaScript errors. Even Google’s home page caused issues. I usually use Safari or Firefox for browsing so it wasn’t a big deal. Still, the one thing I find IE7 better for is developing ASP.NET applications in Visual Studio 2008. The integration is just better with IE7 in this one instance (no surprise here I suppose).

Well, after spending hours searching forums and trying everything from resetting IE to sacrificing a small goat, I found a message board entry that suggested re-registering the JavaScript engine (Jscript.dll). In hindsight it should have been the first thing I tried but the errors and suggestions I found led me in other directions. Needless to say, that was the tonic IE7 needed. As an extra measure of insurance, I registered all the other components that might affect IE. Copy the lines below into a batch file and execute it in your Windows\System32 directory with Admin privileges if you’re experiencing similar issues.

The usual warnings apply here about modifying the registry meaning I’m not responsible for any damage or issues arising from using this script. Make sure to set a restore point before applying this file.

rundll32.exe advpack.dll /DelNodeRunDLL32 C:\\WINNT\\System32\ \dacui.dll 
rundll32.exe advpack.dll /DelNodeRunDLL32 C:\\WINNT\\Catroot\ \icatalog.mdb 
regsvr32 URLMON.DLL /s 
regsvr32 actxprxy.dll /s 
regsvr32 shdocvw.dll /s 
regsvr32 oleaut32.dll /s 
regsvr32 setupwbv.dll /s 
regsvr32 wininet.dll    /s 
regsvr32 comcat.dll    /s 
regsvr32 shdoc401.dll /s 
regsvr32 shdoc401.dll /i /s 
regsvr32 asctrls.ocx /s 
regsvr32 oleaut32.dll /s 
regsvr32 shdocvw.dll /I /s 
regsvr32 shdocvw.dll /s 
regsvr32 browseui.dll /s 
regsvr32 browseui.dll /I /s 
regsvr32 msrating.dll /s 
regsvr32 mlang.dll /s 
regsvr32 hlink.dll /s 
regsvr32 mshtml.dll /s 
regsvr32 mshtmled.dll /s 
regsvr32 urlmon.dll /s 
regsvr32 plugin.ocx /s 
regsvr32 sendmail.dll /s 
regsvr32 comctl32.dll /i /s 
regsvr32 inetcpl.cpl /i /s 
regsvr32 mshtml.dll /i /s 
regsvr32 scrobj.dll /s 
regsvr32 mmefxe.ocx /s 
regsvr32 proctexe.ocx    /s 
regsvr32 corpol.dll /s 
regsvr32 jscript.dll /s 
regsvr32 msxml.dll /s 
regsvr32 imgutil.dll /s 
regsvr32 thumbvw.dll /s 
regsvr32 cryptext.dll /s 
regsvr32 rsabase.dll /s 
regsvr32 triedit.dll /s 
regsvr32 dhtmled.ocx /s 
regsvr32 inseng.dll /s 
regsvr32 iesetup.dll /i /s 
regsvr32 hmmapi.dll /s 
regsvr32 cryptdlg.dll /s 
regsvr32 actxprxy.dll /s 
regsvr32 dispex.dll /s 
regsvr32 occache.dll /s 
regsvr32 occache.dll /i /s 
regsvr32 iepeers.dll /s 
regsvr32 wininet.dll /i /s 
regsvr32 urlmon.dll /i /s 
regsvr32 digest.dll /i /s 
regsvr32 cdfview.dll /s 
regsvr32 webcheck.dll /s 
regsvr32 mobsync.dll /s 
regsvr32 pngfilt.dll /s 
regsvr32 licmgr10.dll /s 
regsvr32 icmfilter.dll /s 
regsvr32 hhctrl.ocx /s 
regsvr32 inetcfg.dll /s 
regsvr32 trialoc.dll /s 
regsvr32 tdc.ocx /s 
regsvr32 MSR2C.DLL /s 
regsvr32 msident.dll /s 
regsvr32 msieftp.dll /s 
regsvr32 xmsconf.ocx /s 
regsvr32 ils.dll /s 
regsvr32 msoeacct.dll /s 
regsvr32 wab32.dll /s 
regsvr32 wabimp.dll /s 
regsvr32 wabfind.dll /s 
regsvr32 oemiglib.dll /s 
regsvr32 directdb.dll /s 
regsvr32 inetcomm.dll /s 
regsvr32 msoe.dll /s 
regsvr32 oeimport.dll /s 
regsvr32 msdxm.ocx /s 
regsvr32 dxmasf.dll /s 
regsvr32 laprxy.dll /s 
regsvr32 l3codecx.ax /s 
regsvr32 acelpdec.ax /s 
regsvr32 mpg4ds32.ax /s 
regsvr32 voxmsdec.ax /s 
regsvr32 danim.dll /s 
regsvr32 Daxctle.ocx /s 
regsvr32 lmrt.dll /s 
regsvr32 datime.dll /s 
regsvr32 dxtrans.dll /s 
regsvr32 dxtmsft.dll /s 
regsvr32 vgx.dll /s 
regsvr32 WEBPOST.DLL /s 
regsvr32 WPWIZDLL.DLL /s 
regsvr32 POSTWPP.DLL /s 
regsvr32 CRSWPP.DLL /s 
regsvr32 FTPWPP.DLL /s 
regsvr32 FPWPP.DLL /s 
regsvr32 FLUPL.OCX /s 
regsvr32 wshom.ocx /s 
regsvr32 wshext.dll /s 
regsvr32 vbscript.dll /s 
regsvr32 scrrun.dll mstinit.exe /setup /s 
regsvr32 msnsspc.dll /SspcCreateSspiReg /s 
regsvr32 msapsspc.dll /SspcCreateSspiReg /s 
regsvr32 msxml3.dll /s
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