Instantly Create a Mobile Version of your Blog with MoFuse

This is one easy way to setup mobile content for your blog. Signup, point MoFuse at your feed and add the mobile chicklet to your website. There’s an SMS widget as well. See the sidebar for an examples of the chicklet and widget. Integration with Google AdSense is a snap. Include your AdSense publisher ID and Google AdSense ads are inserted into the mobile content automatically. Makes me wonder why feedburner.com didn’t do this. Check out the mobile content for this blog.

What is MoFuse

MoFuse, or Mobile Fusion, is a web application that allows content publishers to easily and instantly create a mobile version of their blog or website.

How Does It Work

If your blog or website has an RSS feed, we will use that as the main source of content for your new mobile site. This will allow you to create your mobile site using MoFuse and forget about updating it. All you have to do is keep posting to your blog!

You can also create static content pages. This gives you the ability to have pages like About the Blog, Contact, etc.

Users can customize almost every aspect of their mobile site using our AJAX color picker tool. They can also upload their own custom logo or header image!

We just recently introduced our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page editor for even more customization of your mobile-friendly site!

Make Money Using MoFuse

You can make money from your blog right? Well why not make money from your mobile version! MoFuse has a revenue sharing program that everyone is able to enroll in. With just a few clicks of the mouse your mobile site can start earning you revenue.

Our revenue sharing program uses Google AdSense Mobile to display mobile specific advertisements on your mobile site. If you choose to enroll in this program, your Google AdSense Publisher ID will be shown 50% of the time, and ours the other 50% of the time.

How Do Visitors Get to My Mobile Site

MoFuse will create a static link to your mobile site for you to share, it’ll look something like this: http://m.mofuse.com/myblog. You can put a link to your mobile site on your blog for your mobile visitors to click to be redirected to your mobile version.

Alternatively, MoFuse offers you a PHP code snippet to paste at the top of your index.php or header.php file that will automatically detect and redirect your mobile visitors to your mobile site.

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