Laptop Keyboard Issue

I mentioned in an earlier post that the new laptop I purchased has the FN and CTRL keys in the wrong position (IMHO). The CTRL key should be the left most key. I thought after a week or so I would get use to the new layout, but alas it is just not working out. The Left CTRL key is just to far right to be of any real use.

I can not find a program that will reverse these two keys. I suspect a driver level solution is the only work around but I can’t find one. But all is not lost. See that big fat Caps Lock key? Turns out there is a program available called Ctrl2Cap. It’s written by Mark Russinovich of SysInternals fame. It converts the Caps Lock key to a CTRL key. Still not as convenient as the correct location but I’m finding it far easier to adjust to.

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