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Komodo Edit, from Active State is the editor used in their flagship Komodo IDE product. The editor is now a separate download and is used as an enticement to buy the IDE product. This is a full-featured powerful editor and makes a great notepad replacement. While I prefer the the Visual Studio IDE for code development, often I’m editing other files like configs and XML and don’t want to wait for the VS IDE to spool up. Add it to your “Send To” folder and it will always be handy.

Here’s a brief list of recently added features:

Code Intelligence

  • Redesigned Code Intelligence system: CSS, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl and XML support have been re-implemented with a new code intelligence system, providing improvements in autocompletion, calltips, the code browser, and overall performance.
  • Go to Definition: A new option for quickly jumping to the definition of a code object (e.g. a variable, a subroutine, a module, etc.) under your cursor.
  • Schema-based XML Autocomplete and CallTips: Komodo now supports autocomplete and calltips support for XML and HTML based on DTD or RelaxNG Schema. SGML and XML Catalogs are supported.
  • API Catalogs: Autocompletion for several popular JavaScript libraries can be enabled in Preferences.
  • DOM Viewer: A new tab in the left pane shows the DOM structure of XML and HTML documents in a tree view. Double-clicking on a node in the DOM Viewer moves the cursor to the corresponding node in the document. Komodo IDE only
  • User-Defined Languages: Komodo 4 introduces a system for adding custom language support called UDL (User-Defined Languages) which allows Komodo to properly syntax-color multi-language files and templated files common in many web programming frameworks. Also included is a tool called Luddite which you can use to define custom language syntax-coloring and package those into Komodo extensions.
  • New languages: Support for Template-Toolkit, HTML-Mason, Smarty, Django, and Luddite has been added using UDL


  • Vi emulation: Modal keybindings which emulate the navigation, text insertion, visual selection and command-line modes of Vi and Vim. Custom commands can be implemented by adding Komodo macros to a Vi Commands Toolbox folder.
  • Configurable Background Syntax Checking: The frequency of background syntax checking is now configurable, improving editor responsiveness in large files.

Other Improvements

  • SCC History: A new option has been added to the Source Control menu which displays the revision history of a file. You can compare (diff) two selected revisions from the list, or select one and compare it to the local copy. Komodo IDE only
  • SFTP and SCP: Komodo now supports access to remote files via SFTP and SCP. Saved password information for all remote servers is stored securely in Mozilla’s native password manager.
  • Help Browser: Komodo now uses Mozilla’s help browser for displaying Komodo help.
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