Visual Studio Solution Backup

Most of the projects I develop for myself (a.k.a. Blue Onion Software) are small. Usually less than 20,000 lines. I’ve thought about using some type of version control but it just seems like more trouble than it’s worth. Usually I just copy the entire solution folder to zip and archive it. I do this several times a week.

I’ve wanted a Visual Studio add-in to archive an entire solution for quite some time now. I tried using a program I found on the Code Project but it was of poor quality and annoyed me more than anything else. Now I’m using a Visual Studio add-in called DPack. It has a number of tools designed to increase programmer productivity. It contains mostly code and file browsers which I don’t find all that useful. However, there is one gem buried in the middle of it called “Solution Backup”. It gets the job done with little fuss. The only enhancement I could ask for is to have automatic name generation for the backup file based on a template so I could include the date (i.e. bloget-2007-6-20.zip). Other than that minor quip, it works like a champ. Did I mention it’s free?

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