Links 2007-02-07

NIST’s Plan for New Cryptographic Hash Functions
Due to recent attacks on the SHA-1 hash function specified in FIPS 180-2 , Secure Hash Standard, NIST is initiating an effort to develop one or more additional hash algorithms through a public competition, similar to the development process for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). What I like about this process and the earlier AES effort, is that it is public and peered reviewed. Very important for something that will likely be used to protect your personal information (like your bank account).

The Dilbert Blog: Atheists in Jail
Have you ever wondered what percentage of prison inmates are atheists? It must be a lot, given that non-believers have no moral center and spend most of their days robbing, and killing, and sodomizing farm animals. That’s what you do when you have no morality.

.NET Cheat Sheets
Nice collection of PDF cheat sheets.

ALZip zip unzip file compression utility
The icons are silly but the program works great. Nicer than other Zip utilities I’ve used and it’s free.

Microsoft Photo Info
Microsoft Photo Info enables easy editing of “metadata” for digital photographs from inside Windows Explorer.

Tutorials Round-Up: Ajax, CSS, PHP and More
Another great article from our friends at Smashing Magazine.

Bubble Tooltips
Nice little technique for adding bubble tool tips to your HTML links. Here’s an example.

Into making lists. Then gubb can help.

Earn money with your blog
Not an advertisement. Lists links of reputable on-line ad services.

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