Links 2007-01-29

Ultimate Rounded Corners
If you want super easy to maintain rounded corners that are fully anti-aliased with support for borders and background images and that look as good as graphically created ones then curvyCorners is for you.

Create Flash Movies with Toufee’s Free Flash Movie Maker!
Create flash movies with your photos, audio and videos. No technical skills required - it’s all click and point. It’s free.

5 Free Fonts You Shouldn’t Have Missed | Smashing Magazine
District Thin, Kontrapunkt and Com4t Fine Regular offer quality and can be used for serious online-presentations.

This is an online tool for testing typography settings. It’s “in browser” so you see immediately your changes render. Handy tool.

Do Certifications Matter?
Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror comes down pretty hard on the whole certification issue. I don’t think I would enjoy and interview with Mr. Atwood. Insightful as always.

New York Restaurant Abolishes Tipping
Tipping habits in America are changing and some restaurants are abolishing them entirely. The article also discusses the history of tipping in the United States which started sometime after the Civil War. Interesting read.

53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without
Over the last few years web-developers have written many articles about CSS and developed many useful techniques, which can save you a lot of time - of course, if you are able to find them in time. Below you’ll find a list of techniques we , as web-architects, really couldn’t live without. They are essential and they indeed make our life easier. Let’s take a look at 53 CSS-based techniques you should always have ready to hand if you develop web-sites.

Web Client Software Factory
Architects and developers can use the Web Client Software Factory to quickly incorporate many of the proven practices and patterns of building Web client applications. These practices and patterns have been identified during the development of many Web client applications and their components. More goodness from the folks at Microsoft.

New Yankee Workshop - Season 19 Promo
I like to build furniture on occasion. It’s a nice contrast to all this “techie” work I do. This video describes all the projects Norm Abrams will be building this season.

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