Links 2007-01-19

Choose Color Schemes for your website using this free tool
Nice tool for picking complementary colors for a Web site. So simple, even I understand it.

Find meaning, not just links.

.NET slave - Block DoS attacks easily in ASP.NET
This module is a high performance and lightweight protection from DoS attacks and very easy to implement.

Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade to Windows Vista
Microsoft has introduced a new level of desktop experience by making the system more secure, reliable and easier to manage.

CSS Formatter and Optimizer
CleanCSS is a powerful CSS optimizer and formatter. Basically, it takes your CSS code and makes it cleaner and more concise.

Free XHTML/CSS Website Templates - Template World
Nice looking Web 2.0 styled templates.

One page concise summary. The information in this guide seems easier to locate than others I’ve used. Worth the bookmark.

This is one of those fun desktop enhancements I never seem to tire of. It adds a quick (non-annoying) animation to your icons when you double-click them similar to what Macs do. What I like about it is that it gives you immediate visual feedback that you have activated whatever it is you clicked, which is nice when the program you’re running is a little slow to load. A real gem.

BCL Team Blog : Introducing: System.Numeric.BigInteger
They’re large! No, they’re huge! No, they’re, um-er, Big Integers. Have you ever needed a really huge number? So big it just couldn’t fit into any other base-type in the framework? Well, no problem anymore, just use the new BigInteger type. You can now have the ability to use integers of any arbitrary size, so they can exponentiate until the cows come home… or memory runs out, whichever comes first :-)

The Homemade Star Trek Theater
Make it so number one! Really cool idea for a home theater. Looks like bridge of the Enterprise! I especially like the windows on the walls that look out into space.

The Improved Sorting Algorithm Demo
This page has visualizations of some comparison based sorting algorithms. The quick sort, bubble sort and cocktail shaker sort are due to the good folks at Sun Microsystems. The original SortItem applet was written by James Gosling. From what I can see, the algorithms are sorted worst to best. Pick an algorithm and watch a visual animation of it sorting a list. The speed and pattern of the animation gives you a good clue to how the algorithm works and it’s efficiency. Good clean Geek fun for the entire family!

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