Testing Performancing Plugin

Testing the Performancing blogging plugin. This is a FireFox extension. It’s supports MetaWeblog API but not correctly. This is the second time I’ve found a bug in the implementation of MetaWeblog API which is really sad because it really is a simple protocol. Really guys, it’s a one page specification. So what’s the bug? Performancing passes boolean tags as true/false. The specification says it should be 1/0. That may not sound like a big deal but it does require putting special case code into my XmlRpc parser to deal with it. Really annoying and unnecessary.

The other bug I see in almost all of the blog publishing tools with regard to MetaWeblog API implementation is returning categories as an array instead of struct. I agree that it probably makes more sense to return them as an array of values but the specification is quite clear that is should be a struct (actually, a struct of structs). Since it appears to be near universal (Microsoft even documents getCategories it as returning an array), I’ll acquiesce, but it sure does make a mess of things.

As for the tool itself, it’s pretty basic. I’m going to try BlogJet next which I hear is much better.

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