Writely Free to All Now

One of the things I need for my blogging software is a good editor. I’ve been using the FreeTextBox at the easy to remember URL of http://freetextbox.com/. It is a very nice WYSIWYG editor that requires no ActiveX controls and integrates directly into your ASP.Net code. Still it lacked something I sorely need. A spell checker. As a result, I started using GMail’s editor because it does have a spell checker. Not exactly word processing but it works well enough. I compose in GMail and then copy and paste into my Blog entry screen.

But now Google has released Writely and it’s out of beta and free. Writely was snapped up by Google earlier this year. Writely is a word processor that works through the web . It’s very much like Microsoft Word, AbiWord or other word processing programs with the advantage of being available anywhere anytime. It automatically saves your work periodically so you don’t have to worry about dropped connections wiping out your work. It also has some nice blog publishing features. I’m going to have to spend some time getting to know how this works so I can integrate it into my own blog. Curiously, the spelling dictionary does not have a entry for Writely. Highly recommended.

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