Travel, Updates and a New Project Idea

It has been another one of those whirlwind weeks. I was on a plane Monday to Germany to do some architecture planning for a new medical application. During the week I tried to update this blog and actually managed two articles although their not quite the quality I would have hoped for.

My “writing my own blog experiment” continues. I’ve cleaned up several things, added an RSS feed that actually validates and cleaned up the “add a comment” interface a bit. Overall, I have a very serviceable blog. I then decided to add categories and more editing feature when it occurred to me that I was having far too much fun doing this and had to stop. After all, I have several other projects to finish.

It then occurred me that this blog software could really be packaged into a server control. At least I think it can be done that way. It would then be a one-liner (probably a long one) to add blogging to any ASP.Net site without the hassle of database connections or lengthy installs. To that end I’ve christened the new project with the somewhat cute name of “Bloget”. It won’t replace the Bloggers and WordPresses of the world but hopefully will provide a nice, self-contained blogging environment for those of us who prefer to do things are own way.

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