Godaddy Web Hosting - A Good Value

I’ve been a fan of Godaddy.com for a number of years now. Besides cheap domain names, they really have pretty decent web service. I’ve read all sorts of reports from various forums and blogs as to how terrible they are but my experience has been just the opposite. That’s not to say I’ve had no problems.

Godaddy’s Web hosting has got to be the best deal going. For $4.00/month you get decent, storage, lots of bandwidth, and your choice of Windows or Linux hosting. I’ve both Windows and Linux hosting.

The Linux hosting does not come with much support. Really I don’t care since most online help is worthless. Still, I couldn’t get password protected directories to work on Godaddy, even after following the directions in their FAQ. The FAQ said they did not provide technical support for Apache related items. Still I called and was met with a polite and knowledgeable CSR. We conversed for 20 minutes until we realized that we both had interpreted the FAQ wrong. He agreed that the directions were misleading and promised they would get if fixed (they never did). While the directions may have been misleading, I really couldn’t complain about the service.

Another time I renamed this site to BlueOnionSoftware and lost all my DotNetNuke work. It was a real shocker. Called service, and got a great CSR in under 4 minutes. He worked like hell to try and resolve it. In the end though there was nothing he could do. The database was tied to the domain and not the web account. I consider this a flaw in their hosting but what host doesn’t have flaws. I renamed my web account back to the old domain and everything restored. I should complain but I can’t because the price is so darn good. Again for $4.00/month, I get DotNetNuke backed by MS-SQL (all 5 gigabytes if I need it) and some not to shabby technical support. Really it’s hard to complain.

Is Godaddy perfect? Far from it, but it’s not the predatory, incompetent, take your money and run organization that some people claim they are. Not in my experience at least.

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