Markdown Edit 1.4 - Imgur Uploads

Uploading and hosting images for Markdown documents just got a whole lot easier. Imgur is a free image hosting service. It doesn’t require signing up (although you can get some extra goodies if you do)....

Friday Links #348

Programming Introducing StealJS · Bitovi.com Avatars.io by Chute Create Pull Requests in GitHub for Windows præclarum - Introducing NGraphics How to handle big repositories with git - Atlassian Blogs cyaninc/git-fat A Rich Find And Replace...

Friday Links #347

Programming MSBuild Engine is now Open Source on GitHub TinyMapper: yet another object to object mapper for .net - CodeProject NathanEpstein/datakit Iframe-resizer by davidjbradshaw zachstronaut/quintessential-css-cube Web Tools Weekly Issue #86 (offsetParent, Sass & CSS Tools,...

Friday Links #346

Programming Angular — ng-conf 2015 media — AngularJs Meetup — South London Under The Stairs: Azure Portal Shortcut keys [Introducing NUnit.Specifications Aspiring Craftsman](http://lostechies.com/derekgreer/2015/03/08/introducing-nunit-specifications/) Tacit Ramda — Medium zewish/rmodal.js io.js/CHANGELOG.md at v1.x · iojs/io.js Visual Studio...

Friday Links #345

Programming Slideout.js - A touch slideout navigation menu for your mobile web apps. Timesheet.js - Open time tables with HTML, JavaScript and CSS … 8 of the Best Free Collaborative Tools For Programmers AngularJS intellisense...

Markdown Edit Release 1.3.5

Markdown Edit 1.3.5 includes the following updated packages. MahApps.Metro: the UI framework that gives Markdown Edit its modern look. CommonMark.Net: the engine that converts Markdown to HTML and supplies the abstract syntax tree used for...

Friday Links #344

Programming The New Exception Settings Window in Visual Studio 2015 - MSDN Blogs moll/js-concert [Jest Painless JavaScript Unit Testing](http://facebook.github.io/jest/) 9 New Visual Studio 2013 Extensions – Visual Studio Magazine Microsoft To Add React JavaScript to...

Markdown Edit 1.3.4 Released

Markdown Edit 1.3.4 fixes two bugs. Crash when typing certain key sequences Remove url highlighting Available on the Downloads Page.

Markdown Edit 1.3.3 Released

Markdown Edit 1.3.3 is all about cosmetics. Background matches Editor Background Color - When viewing only the editor and not the preview, the window background matches the editor background. This make the background seamless with...

Friday Links #343

Programming [Awesomplete: 2KB autocomplete with zero dependencies Lea Verou](http://lea.verou.me/2015/02/awesomplete-2kb-autocomplete-with-zero-dependencies/) Megamark Eric Elliott’s essential JavaScript links or The way of the parrot, not · Super-Script The Quantum Electrodynamics of Functional JavaScript Introduction to ConfigR, the solution...
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