msdnReader Rivals Printed Format

msdnReader is a desktop application that is similar to the highly regarded New York Times Reader. The application provides caching and offline reading of MSDN Magazine articles through a highly intuitive and slick interface. In...

Copy Large Files in Windows

Robocopy (means Robust Copy) is a tool from Microsoft. It is distributed in the Windows 2003 Server Resource kit (along with many other cool tools). Robocopy is faster and much more reliable. It can restart...

Installing VS 2005 Extensions after Installing .NET Framework 3.0 SP1 or Later

If you try to install the Visual Studio 2005 Extensions required for WPF development after installing the .Net Framework 3.0 SP1 or later, you will get an error saying that the .Net FW 3.0 is...

Bloget Multiuser, Multiblog Support

A user recently asked if Bloget supports multiple users and multiple blogs? The short answer is yes. Bloget uses ASP.NET’s membership services and as such works with SQL, Active Directory and other providers. Bloget also...

Bloget Beta 1 Released!

It’s been like forever since the last release of Bloget back in July of 2007. Don’t know what Bloget is? Check out this link for details. It’s been 6 months since the last alpha release...

How to Read .DOCX Files

As much as I like Vista, I dislike Microsoft Office in all it’s incarnations. I don’t have Microsoft Office on my computer and I suspect it’s one of the reasons why my system is so...

An Easy Speed Fix up for Internet Explorer

My wife uses Internet Explorer 7. I prefer FireFox or more recently Safari for Windows. For the most part it’s a trouble free existence. However, the other day she started having issues with Web sites...

Testing with w.bloggar

Testing Bloget with w.bloggar. Not a new blog editor but one I have not tested before with Bloget. Looks like another successful test!

Testing with Qumana Blog Manager

Testing with Qumana Blog Manager. Qumana is a free offline blog editor. I’m always testing Bloget with new blog editors as I encounter them to verify that Bloget’s MetaWeblog API is up to speed. Another...

Gmail has Daily Limit on Sending Email

I’m an avid Gmail user. I’ve never come anywhere near these limits but still it’s good to know where the boundaries are: Gmail imposes a limit on the attachment size (20 MB) and the overall...
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