Events and Delegate Shortcuts in C#

The syntax for events and delegates has always struck me as a bit bulky and hard to remember. For instance, to declare an Alarm event seen in many of the Microsoft code samples, you declare...

Unique April Fool's Prank

You’ll see a lot of April Fools’ Pranks on the Web today. This unique spokeshave however, strikes me as a bit more clever than most. This tool is suppose to aid in making tapered dowels....

The Best Free Text Editor

How many times have you’ve seen this title in a blog? There certainly are enough opinions out there and everyone has their favorites. So without further ado here’s my choice - EmEditor. This editor does...

SimpleZip Update

SimpleZip is my .NET (C#) Zip file generator that requires no third-party support libraries. You can read more about it at the Code Project. This update adds one additional API. void ZipTo(IEnumerable fileNames, Stream archiveStream,...

Console application debugging made easier

When debugging console applications in .NET I like the program to pause just before exit so I can study the console output. One way to do this is to set a break point at the...

Windows Vista SP1 - No Issues

With all the negative press out there about Windows Vista SP1, I would like to report that some of us have some how managed to install the service pack despite Microsoft’s best efforts (yes, that...

SimpleZip - Generate Zip files with one line of code

.NET doesn’t have much in the way of built-in archive support. If you want to Zip up some files you can use the open source SharpZipLib or a commercial package like Xceed. There’s also Zip...

Number of Types in the .NET Framework

Well, the answer is not 42. Try 11,417. Check out Brad Abrams blog for more statistics on the .NET library.

NonContiguousMemoryStream 1.2

I’ve updated my MemoryStream replacement that handles large streams with less memory fragmentation. You can read about it here. This version fixes a bug in the Seek method (specifically, SeekOrigin.End). I thought it should be...

Input Director - Control Multiple Computers

As I write this I have 3 computers that I use for various purposes. I use to keep a separate keyboard and mouse for each one but I recently found a better way. Input Director...
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