Friday Links #369

Programming How to Improve Loading Time with basket.js [Welcome ReSharper 9.2, ReSharper C++ 1.1 and More Ultimate Updates ReSharper Ultimate Blog](http://blog.jetbrains.com/dotnet/2015/08/19/welcome-resharper-9-2-resharper-c-1-1-and-more-ultimate-updates/) Falcor: One Model Everywhere SoundBot/heartbeat.js UpUp - The Offline First Library ES6 In Depth:...

Friday Links #368

Programming Node-TimSort: Fast Sorting for Node.js · Marco Ziccardi [How to use JetBrains Annotations to improve ReSharper inspections ReSharper Ultimate Blog](http://blog.jetbrains.com/dotnet/2015/08/12/how-to-use-jetbrains-annotations-to-improve-resharper-inspections/) Desktop Apps With Electron And Kendo UI -Telerik Developer Network [Dependency Injection in Angular...

That Conference - Talking about Github Pages

I’m at ThatConfernce in the Wisconsin Dells talking about GitHub pages. In fact, this is a live post from the talk demonstrating how easy it is to post to GitHub Pages.

Friday Links #367

Programming [CSS constants and variables Macropod Blog](https://macropod.com/blog/why-we-need-localized-css-constants/) [ANGLE for Windows Now Available On NuGet Building Apps for Windows](http://blogs.windows.com/buildingapps/2015/08/04/angle-for-windows-now-available-on-nuget/) The React.js Way: Flux Architecture with Immutable.js techfort/armour Testing a React project with Karma and Webpack -...

Friday Links #366

Programming The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Modern JavaScript Tooling - React Kung Fu GIT tip : Keep your branch clean with fixup and autosquash - Florent Lebreton No $scope soup, bindToController in AngularJS belfz/toastit.js dnbard/iconic-logger Currying...

Friday Links #365

Programming alekseykulikov/storage-emitter ipselon/react-ui-builder d3-legend.susielu.com Currying in JavaScript — Medium OzCode: OzCode v2.0 is released (Sim-shipped with Visual Studio 2015) ! [Web development - Visual Studio Web](http://webtooling.visualstudio.com/extensions/web-development/#bundler-&-minifier) NuGet 3.0 Released What are your favorite JavaScript ES6...

Friday Links #364

Programming Expressmapper - The New .NET Mapper! - CodeProject A Facade for Tooling with NPM Package Scripts - Bocoup DNX Overview — ASP.NET 0.0.1 documentation wbkd/riotjs-startkit [China’s Tianhe-2 Supercomputer Is Still the World’s Most Powerful...

Friday Links #363

Programming String Interpolation and the Conditional Operators - Bill Wagner WPF Controls - Window - Ownership Even better ES5 code for Angular 2 First Look: GitHub Desktop RTM Announcement Page Development With A Dot -...

Markdown Edit 1.9.0

What’s in the release: Update packages (new Commonmark engine) Bug fixes Behavior improvements (initial focus, x86 build) New formatting command (Ctrl+Alt+F) formats and converts inline links to reference links. Available on the Downloads Page.

Friday Links #362

Programming The Future of Programming: WebAssembly & Life After JavaScript Coder’s Block Blog / Checkbox Trickery with CSS Google has quietly launched a GitHub competitor, Cloud Source Repositories [JS.ORG STATS](http://stats.js.org/) MeshJS - A featherlight data...
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