Exploring Mithril, A JavaScript Framework for Building Brilliant Applications

This article is outdated! See Mithril Rising Mithril is a JavaScript framework for writing web site front ends. It’s similar to React but is easier to understand, faster and much much smaller (7.8K compressed). Note:...

Tweetz 1.1

Version 1.1 has only one change. Clicking on an image in a tweet opens it in a popup window, centered on the active monitor, instead of the web browser. I found this to be much...

Tweetz Desktop 1.0

Tweetz has been “finished” for quite some time now so I decided to call it 1.0. Not sure why I didn’t do this sooner. I use the darn thing every day and have so day...

Tweetz 0.11 Released

What’s changed: Does not wake up the computer once it enters sleep. The type of network activity tweetz uses will not allow the computer to enter sleep mode if a new tweet arrives. However, once...

Tip: Delete long file names/folders

I work with node packages frequently. The file paths are often longer than what Windows will process. When trying to delete these files and folders, you’ll see an error message saying it can’t delete the...

Tweetz Desktop - 0.9

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve updated Tweetz Desktop. Today I blew the dust off the old girl and updated the interface to conform to the new, “Likes” feature (formally known as “Favorites)....

VSColorOutput 2.2.1 - Time Stamps

When I’m looking at debug output, often I’m curious about when the event of interest has occurred. I’ve seen tools that add clock time to the output but I don’t find that useful. I’m interested...

VSColorOutput 2.2.0 - Beta

What’s new: Added time stamps to the debug output window as pictured: Yes, they’re optional. The first number is the time since the beginning of the debug session. The second is the difference between the...

VSColorOutput 2.1

What’s changed: Color changes no longer require a restart VSColorOutput

Friday Links #387

Programming Neon: Node + Rust = 💖 dfilatov/vidom Exploring the new .NET “dotnet” Command Line Interface (CLI) - Scott Hanselman Tree-shaking with webpack 2 and Babel 6 Visual Studio Code December 0.10.5 Dissection of Flux...
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