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Friday Links #289

Programming Ratchet Promises scrollReveal.js You Might Not Need jQuery Read Only Dictionary in .NET 4.5 adamralph/scriptcs-nancy - GitHub The Three Watch Depths of AngularJS JosephGuadagno.net | Twitter Bootstrap Resources L20n: JavaScript Localization Framework From Mozilla...

Friday Links #288

Programming L20n • Home Home | JavaScript UI - w2ui Why Should You Care About NodeJS? Learn AngularJS in 5 steps - revolunet blog Chrome Is The New C Runtime | MobileSpan Manager GA, and...

Friday Links #287

**Programming ** typicode/underscore.db Beware the string | Joe Duffy’s Blog gulp.js - the streaming build system What’s New in .NET Framework 4.5.1 Unit Testing Best Practices in AngularJS Getting Started with Kendo UI and MVVM...

Adding an Expires Header to Static Content in NancyFx

NancyFx is one of the simplest, fastest ways to build a MVC style web site in ASP.NET. It only takes a few minutes to grok how it works. By default, NancyFx will serve files contained...

Friday Links #286

Programming [rust-dev] Rust 0.9 released Introducing GitHub Traffic Analytics Probable C# 6.0 features illustrated » DamienG Recording Web Traffic with FiddlerCap by Telerik Understanding Providers, Services, and Factories in Angular | Wintellect Visual Studio Installations:...

Friday Links #285

Programming ngDialog.js by likeastore Animating Modals in Angular.js Humanizer hit V1 - Mehdi Khalili D3 on AngularJS | ng-newsletter What is React? – James Padolsey JavaScript gains support for SIMD WebStorm 7.0.3 | JetBrains WebStorm...

Friday Links #284

Programming bg-splitter NSlice v. 1.1 Vjeux » JSX: E4X The Good Parts Interoperability, Browser & Cross Platform Testing | Modern.IE | Experiments with Koa and JavaScript Generators - Steve Sanderson’s blog - As seen on...

Tweetz Desktop – 0.8.2

What’s new: Responsive Layout – A fancy way of saying that the elements arrange themselves differently when the gadget is sized wider. Looks a little nicer on the wider formats. Default Theme is Light –...

Friday Links #283

Programming Bigfoot Headroom.js Future Plans for C# AngularToolbox extension NancyFx/Nancy.ReSharper Myth - CSS the way it was imagined. ExceptionMessageBeautifier by staxmanade Line Menu Icon… That Is A Menu | CSS-Tricks Koa - next generation web...
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