Friday Links #309

Programming Formly for Angular urish/angular-moment Google Maps for AngularJS bimal1331/angular-masonry-fly Why We Should Love ‘null’ - CodeProject [Modular AngularJS NuGet Packages John Papa](http://www.johnpapa.net/modular-angularjs-nuget-packages/) Knockout.js 3.2 Preview : Components - Knock Me Out [Faster UI Animations...

Friday Links #308

Programming Bounce.js Elm Debugger [MotorCortex.js Home](http://motorcortexjs.com/?utm_source=html5weekly&utm_medium=email#) Getfirebug Blog - Blog Archive » Firebug 2.0 DailyJS: Node Hardware Hacking with Tessel GitHub for Windows 2.0 - You’ve Been Haacked Free DevExpress MVVM Framework released - WPF...

Friday Links #307

Programming n3-charts ng-inspector for AngularJS [Prefill Your Own Forms in Dev CSS-Tricks](http://css-tricks.com/prefill-forms-dev/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter) [Accessing Visual Studio Online from YOUR Azure Account - Now we can with this new PaaS offering John V. Petersen](http://codebetter.com/johnvpetersen/2014/06/03/accessing-visual-studio-online-from-your-azure-account-now-we-can-with-this-new-paas-offering/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+CodeBetter+%28CodeBetter.Com%29) Visual Studio CTP...

Friday Links #306

Programming Nancy Metadata Modules sweet.js [App.js Mobile webapps made easy](http://code.kik.com/app/2/?utm_source=javascriptweekly&utm_medium=email) The Y Combinator in C# - CodeProject DailyJS: ngActivityIndicator, angular-cog, dijs Announcing Update to Productivity Power Tools 2013 - The Visual Studio Blog A Few...

Syntactic Line Compression in Visual Studio

The Productivity Power Tools (PPT) extensions have never held much interest for me. I found that while much of it looks useful and interesting, I would quickly forget it was there and stop using it....

Friday Links #305

Programming flowjs/flow.js fb-flo SimbCo/httpster View JSON in Internet Explorer - CodeProject The Curious Case of JavaScript NaN [Code Navigation: ReSharper 8 vs. Visual Studio 2013 JetBrains .NET Tools Blog](http://blog.jetbrains.com/dotnet/2014/05/19/code-navigation-resharper-80-vs-visual-studio-2013/) [AutoFixture - a Node.js Test Fixture...

Friday Links #304

Programming How to use ngMessages in AngularJS - yearofmoo.com Introducing ASP.NET vNext - Scott Hanselman Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 is here! - The Visual Studio Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs Change the...

Friday Links #303

Programming ng-Fx n3-charts How to use PJAX with Nancy What’s New in the .NET Framework 4.5, 4.5.1, and 4.5.2 Cloud Power: How to scale Azure Websites globally with Traffic Manager - Scott Hanselman DailyJS: Declarative...

Tweetz 0.8.19 Update

Well, looks like I broke localizations a while back. Sorry about that. Also added a setting to control the taskbar icon showing. It’s off by default. Available on the downloads page.

Friday Links #302

Programming angular-cache “Just My Code” for JavaScript (Pierson Lee) - Visual Studio LightSwitch Team Blog //build 2014 highlights #4: so much more! Introducing the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool - .NET Blog - MSDN Blogs...
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