DTE Energy Insight Application

Not to sound like a shill for the electric company, but if you’re a customer, DTE Energy’s Insight App is one cool, free smartphone application. Just saying… Available for both Android and iPhone.

Friday Links #318

Programming Kite terra.js SkateJS sweep.js trueinteractions/tint2 impulse.luster.io bevacqua/sektor sindresorhus/sparkly svg.js - A lightweight JavaScript library for manipulating and animating svg Git Diff Margin 2013 extension Get started - Quick Azure Videos Introducing MakeDrive PACE -...

Friday Links #317

Programming Duo giann/zappa sudo-js/cash typicode/lowdb sahat/satellizer bevacqua/dominus [Senna Introduction](http://sennajs.com/) catberry/catberry ASP.NET vNext - Alpha3 [Mono Releases Mono](http://www.mono-project.com/docs/about-mono/releases/) WebSharper.UI.Next Smart Table documentation Blot is the simplest way to blog Tweetinvi a friendly Twitter C# API -...

Friday Links #316

Programming [A fast, simple, and flexible static site generator Broccoli Taco](http://broccoli-taco.com/) p5.js Building High-Quality Front-End Modules - Pony Foo tcomb by gcanti VS/TFS 2013.3 (Update 3) released - Brian Harry’s blog - Site Home -...

Friday Links #315

Programming geddski/overmind [Creating charts with C3.js Trifork Blog](http://blog.trifork.com/2014/07/29/creating-charts-with-c3-js/) facebook/immutable-js Diving Deeper With ES6 Generators Wisembly/basil.js angular-debaser Index Super Powers for Web Developers [Guide to Responsive-Friendly CSS Columns CSS-Tricks](http://css-tricks.com/guide-responsive-friendly-css-columns/) Dispatched and direct method calls in ECMAScript...

Friday Links #314

Programming wooorm/retext Cosmos - C# Open Source Managed Operating System - CodeProject Protractor - end to end testing for AngularJS [W2UI 1.4 Released JavaScript UI - w2ui](http://w2ui.com/web/blog/12/W2UI-1.4-Released) DailyJS: Simplifying Conditional Statements with Is The Basics...

Friday Links #313

Programming ng-Fx webpack simov/purest ES6 Rocks Please JS Superhero.js Mastering the Module Pattern Ampersand.js - Home Android to Include Ahead-Of-Time Compiler Minimal AMD loader - curiosity-driven.org Data-binding Revolutions with Object.observe() - HTML5 Rocks 18 Surprises...

Friday Links #312

Programming Alchemy.js JSDB.io - The Database of JavaScript Libraries [Using SVG Stroke Attributes Flippin’ Awesome](http://flippinawesome.org/2014/07/09/using-svg-stroke-attributes/) This will handle Nancy content negotiation on errors so the client receives JSON, XML or HTML based on the client...

Friday Links #311

Programming simpl.info krasimir/deb.js Sharp Tests Ex - Home Visualizing Algorithms JavaScript Modules Ecma Standardizes Dart Safer TypeScript - Microsoft Research It’s Tuples All The Way Down! Hamlet - Simple and powerful reactive templating [PostSharp Blog...

Introducing Nancy.Pile

Nancy.Pile is a super simple asset bundler for NancyFx. Features Concatenates and minifies style sheets and JavaScript files. Won’t minify files with “.min.” in the file name. Nuget package or include a single file in...
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