Dual Core Experience

About a month ago my company bought new computers for development. Actually, they have a pretty enlightened policy where they update about a third of the development machines every year. So now I have a...

Miniature Earth

This is a fairly sobering view of the world boiled down to a few minutes of flash video. It really puts things into perspective. Miniature Earth

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 - Release Candidate 1

Time flies. Last November witnessed the release of .Net 2.0. I attended the PDC (Professional Developer’s Conference) in September 2005 and saw all the 3.0 goodies. I thought it would be a lifetime before I...

IronPython 1.0 Ships

Wow – Very cool to see IronPython reach V1 status… and I particularly love the fact that they ship a ton of code with it so you can see just how it is done… as...

Bloget Progress Report

Well, the dog food just gets yummier and yummier so to speak. I’ve committed this blog to using the new Bloget engine. For those of you who have just joined us, Bloget is an ASP.Net...

Bloget is Live!

A few weeks back I mentioned that I was writing my own blogging software. My first version debuted on this site about a month ago. It was a collection of ASPX pages and some code...

PimpFish - I'm not sure I get it

Ran across this site today. PimpFish is a browser add on that let’s you quickly download most images, flash movies and other visual content with a click of a button. They also have a feature...

Good Exception Management Rules of Thumb

Another great article from Scott Hanselman’s blog. I’ve been involved in more “discussions” on exception management than I care to remember. It surprises me how many developers see them as evil, even to the point...

ZOHO - Online Office Applications

Another discovery today. ZOHO has a host of on-line tools for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. They also have some other interesting tools like a planner, a CRM app, On-line Polls and even an application...

10 Tips for Protecting Yourself at Hot Spots

Wi-Fi hot spots have become ubiquitous at cafes, airports, restaurants, and other public location. In fact, more and more cities are creating hot spots that blanket entire metropolitan areas. But every time you connect at...
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