Election Day

Election day is here. Did you vote? I did and I had to wait in line which is unusual in an off-year election. I’m a Democrat. Not like anyone reading this blog couldn’t figure that...

Pingback Test

Testing pingback Testing another pingback.

Testing ActiveX Controls in C#

Using COM in managed code can seem like uneasy truce at times. Take the AxHost wrapper class for instance. When using ActiveX controls in C#, Visual Studio will generate an AxHost wrapper class that builds...

Virus Radar On-Line

The makers of NOD32, a powerful Antivirus progam I wrote about earlier, have a nifty little Web site called Virus Radar On-Line. It shows the status of email viruses over specified periods. They list the...

Day of the Virus

I received a call on Thursday from some friends who have a small medical practice. Apparently their computers were acting a little strange. I had helped setup their system 2 years earlier. When I arrived...

The Dilbert Blog Rocks

I’m probably the last person on the planet to discover this but the Dlibert Blog rocks. It’s way better than the comic and is very topical. The Clerics and Analogies post is an good example...

Remote Desktop Tips

We recently switched from using Timbuktu to Remote Desktop to access servers where I work. In general, I like Remote Desktop better than Timbuktu. You get your own desktop and session distinct from other logons...

Bloget Alpha One is Away

As mentioned in an earlier blog, there comes a time in every software project when you have to shoot the developers (or in this case, myself) and ship. BANG! Ouch! Wasn’t as bad as I...

Sending Email at a Future Date

Ever need to send an email at a future date? If so, here’s a couple of sites that will schedule emails to be sent at a future date and they do it for free. http://futureme.org...

What is a Collection?

Mads Torgersen, a Microsoft product manager, posts an interesting blog article about collections and initializers in the upcoming release of C# 3.0. For instance, in C# 3.0 you can create and initialize a collection as...
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