Checklist Buddy

Checklist Buddy reads items on a checklist aloud, one at a time.

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Checklist Buddy is not a traditional to-do list. Inspiration comes from my time as an airplane pilot, where one pilot read the checklist aloud, and the other pilot performed the task.

The interface is optimized so a checklist can be conducted by holding the phone/tablet in one hand without looking at the screen. Touching anywhere on the screen transitions to the next checklist item.

Checklist Buddy encourages focusing on the task, not the checklist.

Use it in aircraft, motor homes, boats, or anywhere you need a series of steps read back in sequence.

New Feature

During product testing, I found there were times I wanted a plain old checklist. While there are other to-do/checklist apps available, I found them annoyingly complex. I wanted something simple, direct and quick.

So with a quick bit of programming magic, I added an icon to the end of each checklist. Tapping the icon displays a traditional checklist with checkboxes. Simple, direct and quick.

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