Calendar Gadget®

Version 0.1.0 - October 25, 2008

Calendar Gadget is skinable, customizable calendar application for your desktop. With Calendar Gadget you can make beautiful calendars for any occasion. Calendar Gadget features include:

  • Fully interactive calendar designer. No more tedious dialogs and configuration files. Simply drag and drop controls onto your calendar, customize some behaviors, and you’re done.
  • Calendar designs are stored in a single XML file. Skin distribution is as easy as copying a file.
  • Drag and drop new skins on to your calendar. No tedious dialogs.
  • More controls! Unlike other programs, Calendar Gadget has analog clocks and digital timers as well as the usual assortment of calendar controls.
  • Schedule appointments, one-time and recurring including daily, monthly, weekday, week and more.
  • Easter and seasonal (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)
  • Pop reminders. Reminders are fully skinable!
  • Full timezone support. Each control can define it’s own timezone. Handy for multi-timezone clocks
  • Multiple backgrounds. Every control including the calendar background itself can have multiple backgrounds. Set backgrounds by season, month or year.
  • OnClick commands. Built in commands can easily be mapped to any control’s OnClick hander
  • Custom font and highlighting for days with appointments, holidays and the current day
  • Show appointments with mouse-overs, in calendar, agenda view, and summaries
  • Single executable. No other files necessary!
  • Support for multiple profiles
  • Localization support (multiple-languages limited to on screen controls, perhaps someone would like to do some translations?)


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