Friday Links #226


The Future of Markdown
Introducing Icenium – an Integrated Cloud Environment for Hybrid Mobile App Development – Doug Seven


Bins™, by 1UP Industries
How to Bring the Start Menu Back in Windows 8
Use PDFSam To Easily Split, Merge, & Reorder PDF Pages
SafeGmail Is a Simple Way to Encrypt Messages in Gmail
imgur Is A Fantastic Chrome Extension For Uploading And Sharing Photos [Chrome]
Save A Few Clicks Everytime You Want To Enlarge A Thumbnail With Hover Zoom [Chrome]

Science and Technology

New Telescope To Hunt For Earth’s Twin
Increasing Wireless Network Speed By 1000% By Replacing Packets With Algebra

On the Web

10 Science YouTube Channels You Can’t Miss
How to Supercharge All Your Favorite Webapps with ifttt
Learn Windows 8 in 3 minutes (OK, it’s really 4) - YouTube

Stuff I Just Like

Roku’s New Streaming Stick for TVs Lets You Ditch the Set-Top Box

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