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Markdown Edit is a Windows Desktop editor for CommonMark (a.k.a. Markdown). It emphasizes content and keyboard shortcuts over window-chrome and menus.

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Markdown Edit would not have been possible without the unselfish help of other freeware authors. To paraphrase a famous physicist, "We stand on the shoulders of giants." Thanks goes out to the following in no particular order.

If you use Markdown Edit, I only ask that you send me feedback, good or bad. Part of the fun of doing this is hearing how it works for you. I tend to forget this myself and have been making an effort to contact the freeware authors of products I use everyday just to let them know their work is appreciated.

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Tweetz Desktop Update

It's been a while since Tweetz Desktop has seen any love. So many projects, so little time...

Release Notes:

  • Recovery mechanism for corrupted configuration files.
  • Saved window location algorithm uses WindowPlacement API to handle edge cases like missing second monitor and resolution changes.
  • Update run-time to .NET 4.5.2

I've been unable to determine why the user configuration files get corrupted. It's rare but it does happen. Since it can happen, I've added code to detect the corrupted file and delete it. Not the most elegant approach but the only one I can get to reliably work.

Occasionally, I get reports about the Window not showing because it was on a second monitor that is no longer attached to the system. This is a relatively hard problem to fix correctly. Fortunately, there's a Windows API that helps in resolving these edge cases.

Believe it or not, .NET 4.5.1 is end-of-life as of January 2016.

Available on the downloads page.

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