Markdown Edit - Beta 2

Version 0.2.7 is the last scheduled beta of Markdown Edit. This version is mostly bug fixes and other refinements. I did slip in a few new goodies.

  • Ctrl+Shif+N opens a new instance
  • Fixed bugs in the Find/Replace logic
  • Add a few more themes (some more useful than others)
  • Changed the logo
  • Highlight current line option

Markdown Edit is free, contains no advertising or other monetizing gimmicks, is open source and MIT licensed.

If you want to build Markdown Edit, you'll need to use the Visual Studio 2015 Preview or later.

Send feedback please. This has been the quietest beta cycle ever. I don't track downloads or other uses. The only information I get about usage is what you send me.

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Markdown Edit Beta

Markdown Edit is a Windows Desktop editor for CommonMark (a.k.a. Markdown). It emphasizes content and keyboard shortcuts over window-chrome and menus.

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Markdown Edit would not have been possible without the unselfish help of other freeware authors. To paraphrase a famous physicist, "We stand on the shoulders of giants." Thanks goes out to the following in no particular order.

If you use Markdown Edit, I only ask that you send me feedback, good or bad. Part of the fun of doing this is hearing how it works for you. I tend to forget this myself and have been making an effort to contact the freeware authors of products I use everyday just to let them know their work is appreciated.

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