Friday Links #212


Enyo 2 Exits Beta | The Enyo Blog
New Programming Jargon – my favorite: Refuctoring
Standardised HTML5 dialogs on their way to Webkit
Testacular - Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript
Hallo.js - Distraction-free Rich Text Editor for the Web
Breaking Changes In Argument List Evaluation In C# 5.0 - Paulo Morgado
More About F# 3.0 Language Features - Visual Studio F# Team Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs


Hover Zoom
Swifter navigation for TweetDeck
Does it still make sense to buy Microsoft Office? | Marketplace Blog - CNET Reviews

Science and Technology

Video: DARPA Device Puts Out a Fire With Blast of Sound
Bio-Retina Implant Could Give Laser-Powered Sight to the Blind
New ultracapacitor delivers a jolt of energy at a constant voltage
You may never need to clean your car again, thanks to new coating technology
The missing switch: High-performance monolithic graphene transistors created | ExtremeTech

On the Web

Microsoft’s Windows Azure Now Stores Over 4 Trillion Objects, Processes 270K Requests Per Second

Stuff I Just Like

Roll, then Flatten a Package of Bacon to Make the Strips Easy to Pry Apart [Food Hacks]
Medieval “Lingerie” From 15th Century Austrian Castle Stuns Fashion Historians | Ecouterre

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