Tweetz 2.3.2

One minor and one major bug fixed. The minor bug was that #hash tags with non alpha-numeric’s including accented characters were not highlighted and linked correctly.

The major bug was a memory leak. I think you’ll find this version of the gadget much easier on memory. I’ve tested it for about 4 days and resource handle counts and memory usage have remained flat.

I’ve been chasing this leak for several months off and on thinking it had to be something I was doing. In the end, it was a leak in the jQuery Ajax library tweetz uses. Who would have thunk!

I’m working on version 3.0 of tweetz now. Don’t panic! Tweetz 2.3 will live on albeit in maintenance mode. I’ll fix bugs and maybe add minor features.

Version 3.0 will have some significant UI and feature changes. I’ve grown uncomfortable with how complicated the gadget has become. There are few too many buttons and hidden behavior for my liking. That’s all I’ll say for now except that you’ll be able to install 2.3 and 3.0 side-by-side. If you love 2.3, you won’t have to change and you can try version 3.0 without overwriting your 2.3 installation.

Available on the downloads page.

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