Bloget Multiuser, Multiblog Support

A user recently asked if Bloget supports multiple users and multiple blogs? The short answer is yes. Bloget uses ASP.NET’s membership services and as such works with SQL, Active Directory and other providers. Bloget also has a built-in XML provider for those economy hosts that don’t provide such services.

Multiple blogs are also possible in Bloget. After all it’s just a Web control. Having multiple instances in multiple pages is certainly one way to do this. Bloget has no built-in infrastructure to directly support multiple blogs similar to what Subtext and Community Server support. It would be possible to code up your own community environment using Bloget for the blogging component.

Perhaps the one thing that Bloget should supply is a blog aggregation control to summarize multiple blogs into a single feed/page. With that in mind, what features would you like to see an aggregation control?

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