An Easy Speed Fix up for Internet Explorer

My wife uses Internet Explorer 7. I prefer FireFox or more recently Safari for Windows. For the most part it’s a trouble free existence. However, the other day she started having issues with Web sites she regularly visits not displaying. I was able to visit the same sites using the same Internet connection. After a few minutes of sleuthing I found that IE’s phishing filter was taking a long time to respond causing the site to time out.

It occurred to me that the browser’s phishing filter is unnecessary since we use OpenDNS. I’ve blogged about this wonderful service before and recommend it to anyone who will listen. One of the (many) great features of OpenDNS is built in phishing protection. Since we already have great phishing protection from our DNS service, the browser’s filter is not necessary. After turning off the phishing protection in IE (it’s in the Internet Options Dialog) not only was she able to open the troublesome sites, but pages rendered noticeably faster.

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