iPod Battery Depot - Nice

Recently I had to replace the battery on my aging iPod. iPod Battery Depot sells replacement batteries for a variety of electronic devices. In the case of the iPod, they sell batteries that are larger than the originals. They also have videos on how to replace the batteries. I ordered my battery and it arrived promptly along with some tools to help pry open the iPod case.

Try as a might however, I couldn’t get the darn thing to budge. Going back to the web site, I bought the “Pro” installation service. Normally, it’s $35 but because I bought the battery, they knocked $5 off the price to cover the shipping I paid on the first order. Nice! They sent a postage paid box to ship my iPod in. A week later it returned ship shape and ready for use.

What I liked about iPod Battery Depot is they didn’t let me fail. By giving me options and not penalizing me for trying it myself, they made me one happy customer.

P.S. I don’t get paid or otherwise compensated for these comments. I’m just a guy who likes to buy stuff on the Internet and report my experiences.

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