Passport Tips

My day job requires that I travel frequently. Recently, my passport came up for renewal. Typically, it takes about 2-3 weeks to renew a passport. However, lately it has been running much longer. I sent...

Fullerscreen for Firefox

This extension enhances the full screen mode into a really full screen mode, hiding the remaining tool bars and status bar and making them visible again when the mouse pointer hits an edge of the...

Resolving Dependent .NET Assembly Version Conflicts

I ran into an interesting error message this morning while adding some NUnitAsp unit tests to Bloget. ------ Build started: Project: Bloget, Configuration: Debug Any CPU ------ Bloget -> D:\Data\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\Bloget\Bloget\bin\Debug\Bloget.dll ------ Build started:...

Architect Hubris

My day job has morphed into an architect role as of late. It’s quite a change going from the consumer of designs to the maker of designs. I’m also rubbing shoulders with folks who don’t...

Site Redesign

I’ve redesigned the site. The old one was a bit goofy and it jumped around a bit while rendering due to the use of the Nifty Corners script I used for making rounded boxes. This...

Cars Powered by Air

Check out the video on these air powered cars. The Air Car A French designer of engines for Formula One racing cars has turned his attention to creating an engine that runs on, and emits,...

Quick Copy and Paste in Command Prompts

From the department of “Why didn’t I notice this before?” comes a very useful command line tip. By selecting the Quick Edit Mode check box, you enable copy and paste from the Command Prompt window....

Performancing is now ScribeFire

Remember that great little blogging plug-in for Firefox called Performancing? Well it’s back and it’s called ScribeFire. Works great with Bloget. Powered by ScribeFire.

Secret Gmail delete keyboard shortcut

Technology blogger Amit Agarwal has posted the mysterious keyboard shortcut for deleting messages in Gmail: If you are reading a message in Gmail, press the # key (Shift+3) and that message will instantly move to...

Flock - the social browser

Flock is a Web browser built on Firefox. It has a bunch of nifty built-in features to make it easy to blog right from your browser. Of course I had to see how it worked...
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