Desk Drive Memory Reduced?

I’m not sure why but Version 1.1 of Desk Drive uses 5 MB as compared to 18 MB for Version 1.0. Maybe it’s the new compiler in Visual Studio 2008? The code hardly changed between...

Desk Drive Version 1.1 Released

There were a couple of positive articles on some popular web sites about Desk Drive posted last week. As a result, I’ve received a ton of email requesting features, fixes, etc. Version 1.1 adds one...

Business Opportunity

Quick question: If the money was right and it didn’t interfere with your current schedule, would you be interested in a business opportunity? Email me at mike@blueonionsoftware.com for details.

Friday Links #2

Elevator Quickly Disables UAC for Specific Programs - You can disable the UAC for specific applications using the registry or you can use this handy-dandy alternative which is much easier. Installation is fussy so read...

Nice Review of FreeSnap

The folks over at Freewaregenius did a nice review of my FreeSnap program. … this is one situation where the adage “less is more” holds true and I prefer FreeSnap. A nice program overall. Gosh,...

Folder View Adds Recently Used Folders to Windows Explorer

Ever navigate to a folder deep in the hierarchy and then close Windows Explorer only to realize you forgot to do something and need to go back? I do it all the time and it...

Friday Links

Links I found interesting this week. Understanding IIS7 Request Restrictions on Windows Vista - Just how many concurrent requests does IIS7 allow? Wicked Code: Silverlight Page Turning Made Simple - Great introduction to the world...

Friday Links #1

I’m moving like cold molasses this morning with this head cold. Still, the blog must go on. Here’s some stuff I found interesting this week when I didn’t have a head cold. Programmers Don’t Read...

Programming WCF Services

My two favorite .Net programming books just happen to be by the same author - Juval Lowy. The first book, “Programming .NET Components”, is a well worn companion that often is not on my desk...

DRM Free Music at Amazon

Jeff Atwood, the author of the fabulous Coding Horror blog, has a great write up about buying DRM (Digital Rights Management) free software from Amazon.com. I never bought music from ITunes simply because of the...
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