Friday Links #116

Programming C# reference types are passed by value! Two key Visual Studio 2010 Exentsions you need to have (and why) The ThreadPool is dead DOT NET TRICKS: IObserver and IObservable - A New addition to...

Tweetz 3.0 – Release Candidate

Hey, it’s almost done. All that’s left to do is to write a new Web page and documentation. That will take an evening or two. In the mean time, here are the release bits barring...

Friday Links #115

Programing jQuery Mobile | jQuery Mobile Microsoft Introduces WebMatrix - Rick Strahl’s Web Log Badass JavaScript - MathJax 1.0 is out! Cross Browser LaTeX and MathML Rendering Just Got Real Clay: malleable C# dynamic objects...

Tweetz 3 – Beta 6

We’re closing in on feature parity with version 2.3 with this release. More links added to Home, Mentions, Messages and Search timelines Restyled user status flyout Added “in reply to” by flyout Added option to...

Friday Links #114

Programming One Good Reason to Upgrade to .NET 4.0 Frictionless WCF service consumption in Silverlight. Part 1. – CodeProject Everybody thinks about CLR objects the wrong way (well not everybody) - The Old New Thing...

Tweetz 3 – Beta 5

Thing are settling down a bit. This drop includes: User flyout dialog Fix selected tweet highlight (I hope) Move compose dialog back to bottom UI tweeks Targeting “In reply to” flyout dialog and “traditional retweets”...

Friday Links #113

Programming Rory Primrose | Cleaning a VS2010 solution with a sledgehammer Introducing Microsoft® Visual Studio® LightSwitch™ - Jason Zander’s WebLog Commonly Confused Bits Of jQuery - Smashing Magazine http://stratifiedjs.org/summary.html Applications Comodo releases free Programs Manager...

Tweetz 3.0 – Beta 4

Fixed the search tab. Moved the tabs to top. Moved the compose dialog to the top. Selectable font sizes. That’s all for now. Available on the downloads page.

Tweetz 3 – Beta 3

OK, the tab icons are back. Also, the tabs are on the bottom. The look should be similar to before Next beta will have the font selections, “more” links and probably flyouts for the user...

Tweetz 3.0 - Beta 2

The feedback has been very good from Beta 1. So far, most of you appreciate the “lighter” footprint and the “All” timeline. The text menu is not well liked. OK, most of the reason we...
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