Markdown Edit 1.13 Released

It’s been a steady drumbeat of releases this year for Markdown Edit. It also appears that MDE may be getting some traction in the market (based on search results). Still, I’m a bit surprised considering...

Friday Links #379

Programming Announcing .NET Framework 4.6.1 RC - .NET Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs Nightmare An Intro to Functional Programming Concepts in JavaScript — Medium Incremental DOM 101: What is it and why I...

Friday Links #378

Programming <input> I ? you, but you’re bringing me down – Monica Dinculescu Why Autocode? Series: Part 2 — Autocode Cool Code irh/asteroids Xeoncross/jr Mimic Neutron - A Sass framework that empowers you to create...

Friday Links #377

Programming [20 Must-Know Typography Tools, Frameworks & Libraries for Web Designers JUST™ Creative](http://justcreative.com/2015/10/14/20-must-know-typography-tools-frameworks-and-libraries-for-a-web-designer/) BioJS - An open source library of JavaScript components to represent biological data Lazy, composable, and modular JavaScript team-lab/cell-cursor JavaScript Functors Explained...

Markdown Edit 1.12 Released

What’s changed: Fixed some minor issues with text pasting. Ctrl+Shift+V will not check if the text being pasted is a URL. Normal pasting detects if the text is a valid URL, and if so, adds...

Friday Links #376

Programming Null-Conditional Operators - Day 2 - Visual Studio 2015 Index Initializers - Day 1 - VS 2015 Series - Falafel Software Blog Immutable Data Structures and JavaScript cognitect/transit-js Immutable JavaScript: You can’t change this...

Friday Links #375

Programming Rune.js Documentation Weekend Reading — Hi, I’d like to add you … toubou91/percircle greenkeeper Simplify Directives with Scope Inheritance in AngularJS Which Works Faster- Null Coalescing Operator or GetValueOrDefault or Conditional Operator - CodeProject...

Friday Links #374

Programming asvd/naturalScroll runtime.js — JavaScript library OS — Medium eslint_d AllcountJS - Rapid application development framework Introducing the Stamp Specification — JavaScript Scene — Medium microbe [Nancy Source Browser](http://sourcebrowser.io/Browse/NancyFx/Nancy/) Source Browser TIOBE Software: Tiobe Index...

Markdown Edit 1.11 Released

Change Log: Add Spanish translation (partial) Add $CLIPBOARD$ substitution parameter to snippets Restyle image upload popup Add About section in settings dialog Available on the Downloads Page

Friday Links #373

Programming SpeckJS - Comment Driven Development Python 3.5 Brings New Language Features and Library Modules Relay: Declarative data for React applications release-it [Happy Programmer’s Day Hackaday](http://hackaday.com/2015/09/13/happy-programmers-day/) npm-check hotkeys Modernizr News ES6 WeakMaps, Sets, and WeakSets...
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