PrintForm Component 1.0

Looks like the VB team has been busy. This component allows you to print a windows form, clean and easy. C# programmers should not fret since this is .Net component, you can easily call it...

Female Space Tourist Phones Home

Some people just live incredible lives. Anari’s story of coming to this country with nothing and becoming a mega-millionaire is just extraordinary. And unlike some, she is using her wealth to do and experience things...

Why Does Vista Use All My Memory?

Jeff Atwood has been my blogging hero as of late. His latest blog entry “Why Does Vista Use All My Memory?” explains the new memory strategy that Windows Vista employs. In it he explains Vista’s...

The Final Frontier: The Limits of Scientific Inquiry are more Visible than Ever

Ten years after the publication of The End of Science, John Horgan says the limits of scientific inquiry are more visible than ever. Discover Magazine has an interesting article on about John Hogan’s book The...

Electric Storage Solution Charges in 5 Minutes and Drives 500 Miles

I’ve blogged earlier about electric cars in “The Future is Electric”. I really want one and it looks like there are several technologies coming together that could make this possible. The latest innovation comes from...

BitPump Released

If you’ve spent anytime in the Freeware world, you have probably encountered AnalogX at one time or another. If not, you owe it to yourself to visit this site. This guy has been pumping out...

Bloget Progress Report #2

Work continues to go well on Bloget. I’m feature complete now for the first release which will be an alpha release of some sort. I’m still pretty happy with my little project as it continues...

When Understanding means Rewriting

Jeff Atwood has an excellent blog entry this morning called “When Understanding means Rewriting”. In it he explains how many programmer’s rewrite code in order to understand how it works. The premise is that the...

Dibert Cartoon Hits Close to Home

This is just freaking hilarious. I can’t tell you the number of conversations I’ve had with my wife that end like this. Comic for 21 Sep 2006

Picasa Update has New Online Features

I’ve always been a big fan of Picasa and now it’s even better. Software that’s good and free. Here’s the announcement from Google. By A Googler Posted by Michael Herf, Picasa Engineer I have 80,000...
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