Release 1.26 - Emojis

Apr 24, 2016

What’s changed:

  • table text overlapped when splitting over pages #126
  • GitHub-like Emoji rendering #128
  • Touchpad scrolling is way too fast #129
  • Ampersand in headings #130
  • IgnoreYaml doesn’t work #131 (removed feature)
  • Curly quotes #134 (added snippets)
  • New version incorrectly suggested #136 (false positives on network login)

About those Emojis

To get Emojis working, the rendering template has to be updated. This file is located in C:\Users\<user folder>\AppData\roaming\Markdown Edit\user_template.html If you have made changes to this file, you should save it else where. Delete the file and restart Markdown Edit. MDE will build a new user_template.html file with the required changes.

Use Emojis as you would in GitHub. For instance :smile: creates a :smile:. In a future release I’ll add command completion to help with typing these. In the meantime, you can add snippets for your favorites.

Curly Quotes

I’m not a fan of these little gremlins because they don’t render reliable across code pages. Still, some prefer them. I’ve added a couple of snippets to help with these.

"         “$END$”
'         ‘$END$’

It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s close enough. Keep in mind that these need to encoded as UTF-8. Windows Notepad is not UTF-8 (it’s Windows 1252). This is reason why I don’t use curly quotes (accept for this paragraph :smile:.

Pace of Change

Some of you may have noticed I’ve slowed down a bit on updates. My kids are in rowing (Crew for you folks on East coast). It’s rowing season and being on 2 committees and the Vice President takes considerable time. I’ll poke at MDE but it will likely be mid-summer before the next release. Keep the feedback and bugs coming.