Release 1.19

Jan 17, 2016

What’s changed:

  • Multiline snippets: This makes writing/updating snippets that are several lines long easier. Example:
Mike Ward

Living somewhere in the USA

Simply add two semicolons after the snippet name, type your text and then end the snippet with two semicolons (on a new line)

  • Format protector: I use markdown to write slides for presentations a I give. The slide package has some unusual front matter (not quite YAML) that MDE’s format and wrap command messes up. Rather than build it in I add a special document command:
<!-- MDE -->

Anything above the marker does not get reformatted when using MDE’s formatting commands.

  • Updated to latest packages including the new release of MahApps which fixes some interface bugs.

  • Fix bugs #83, #84, #91, #92

  • Focus issues with preview resolved.

  • Preview Scroll Sync #89: Improved the syncing between text and preview. Note: Improved. It will never be perfect and can get fooled but should perform better than before. Without injecting text anchors into the source document, there’s no way to do semantic syncing (at least none I can think of). I welcome any ideas on how to improve this.

There are a number of enhancements in the issues list. I haven’t forgotten them. Just wanted to get these bugs out of the way first.