Release 1.16 - Export to Word and PDF

Nov 22, 2015

Thanks to some excellent suggestions from GitHub user borekb, release 1.16 has a mother-load of new features.

  • Version Checking: When a new version of MDE is published, an icon will appear in the title bar. I tried to make it subtle enough to inform without be annoying.

    The big red arrow is doesn’t appear in the production version :)

  • Alternate Line Endings: Apparently, some Mac users are defecting and using MDE. Scandalous! But I won’t tell.


  • Export to Word and PDF: Check out the Save As dialog. There are options to save the to docx and pdf. html was added to be consistent. Don’t worry, the original shortcuts for exporting to html still work. (Issue #68, #69)


  • Fix image preview: Relative paths to images were broken in the preview. (Issue #70)

  • Support for custom Markdown converters: This one is kind of geeky, but you can use a different Markdown converter provided it’s a console application and reads and writes to standard input/output. This is mostly for those who want to tweak the Pandoc settings MDE uses. You’ll have to edit the settings file directly. Example:

    "CustomMarkdownConverter": "pandoc -f markdown_mmd -t html"

    This is also used for preview so it’s best if you stick to converting to HTML. (Issue #67)

  • Fix Crash on Bad Settings: MDE would unceremoniously die if the settings file was corrupted. (Issue #49).

  • Remove auto image pasting from clipboard: Did you know you could paste an image to MDE and it would automatically upload it to MDE? As well intentioned as that was, it represented a privacy issue so I removed it. (Issue #73).