Release 1.15

Nov 15, 2015

This release focuses on hyperlinking. I’ve received feedback about keyboard shortcuts and helper dialogs for inserting links that I’ve taken to heart. A convincing argument persuaded me bend on my, “Avoid popup dialogs preference”.

In this release:

  • Changed Ctrl+L to display a dialog for inserting hyperlinks (issue #64). Ctrl+L activating a hyperlink dialog is common in many online systems. I’ve modeled my dialog after the one in StackOverflow.


  • Use Alt-L to change a selection to an unordered/ordered list

  • Link-pasting - When pasting URL from the clipboard, if something is selected in the editor, it’s used as the title of the link.

  • Sped up detection of image links by checking the URL extension (issue #64).

  • Force Pandoc to not obfuscate emails (issue #65)

Keep the feedback coming!