Markdown Edit, Release 1.24

Feb 20, 2016

What’s changed:

  • Allow only one instance of a file #97
  • Fix issues with Recent Files dialog #101
  • Pasting link sometimes doesn’t convert it to MD link #107
  • Cursor position goes to end of document after formatting #109
  • Inserting image link issues #112
  • Layout and scale problem on HighDPI displays #113
  • Auto-continue task lists #119

Other notable changes:

  • German translation updated - Thanks @punker76
  • Donation screen added - Pops up when you close the program. Don’t panic, it can easily be turned off in the options dialog.
  • Hyperlink dialog enhanced - Thanks @punker76 (again)
  • InsertImagePathsOnly - This is a new option, available only in the options file (press F9) that bypasses the, “paste menu” when inserting images.


MDE has grown larger than I expected. The first build was only 300 lines of code! Since then, with the help of many of you, it has become a full featured Markdown Editor.

However, like many open source projects, the documentation has not kept pace with the feature set. At one time I thought the editor would be simple enough that I could just put it all in the F1 help page. This is no longer the case.

As such, I’ve started a wiki on the GitHub repository to document the many features in earnest. The plan is to reduce the F1 help to keyboard shortcuts and a link to the wiki.

As happens with many of the programs I write, users know it better than I do. I welcome additions to the wiki. Last night I roughed out an outline of chapters. Add as little or as much content as you desire. I’ll be filling it out over the next couple of weeks, but your help is always appreciated.

I added a nag screen about donations. It’s easy to shutoff. It’s just a reminder that while free, donations do help. I’ve started a program in VSColorOutput where donations of $25 receive a couple of product stickers mailed to their confirmed PayPal address.

VSColorOutput sticker

I’m planning something similar for Markdown Edit. I’m looking for logo ideas. If you’re so inclined, please send me your ideas. I like the, “Old typewriter/typesetting” theme and would like to lean in that direction. My wife and daughter (she’s an artist) have a cool idea, but I would like a few more. If I get enough, I’ll even run a poll to see which one you like the best.