Firefox Tip - Shift-Delete Mistyped Autocomplete Suggestions

Lifehacker has a great little Firefox tip: You accidentally typed liefehacker.com into Firefox’s address bar, and now it suggests that whenever you enter “li.” Remove mistyped URLs from the fox’s suggestions by selecting the entry...

60 Pages/Second Desktop Printer

If the video here is to believed, next year will bring desktop high-speed color printing to the masses. Read more about it here.

Space Shuttle Launch Seen From High-Altitude

This photograph claims to be shot from the International Space Station. Judging from the apparent altitude, I would say it is likely a jet liner or chase plane. Still it’s an amazing photo. Here’s the...

ZAP! - Zero Air Pollution

ZAP makes alternative fuel vehicles including all electrics. The Obvio 012 pictured above goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, has a range of 200-240 miles per charge and can recharge in 10...

C# File Utilities

Since Bloget™ is file based, I needed some file open routines that were robust and tolerant. Das Blog is a popular open source blogging engine that also uses files so I thought I would take...

Tollway Bill of Rights

I just spent a lovely week in Orlando with my family doing the theme park thing. The kids (and I) loved it. However, I’m considering not returning and it’s for a number of reasons including...

Bloget - Alpha 6 Released

Whoa!, Alpha 5 just went out a week ago and I’m now deploying Alpha 6. What happened? In a word, good stuff. I discovered earlier last week that you can embed resources in binaries and...

Sage- Lightweight RSS Feed Reader for FireFox

nowpublic.com is running a beta of their new blog publishing tool which is a plug-in for Firefox. This entry serves as a test to see how well it works with Bloget. Tags: Firefox Bloget Technology...

Links - 2007-03-03

Pipes: Rewire the web Pipes is a hosted service that lets you remix feeds and create new data mashups in a visual programming environment. Yahoo has introduced new free service that allows you to build...

Bloget™ Alpha 5

Despite a trip to Slovakia this month I managed to squeak out the next alpha of Bloget. Alpha 5 introduces two new features, timezone support and BlogML. Timezones are well, timezones. You can set the...
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