Site Rewritten in ASP.Net

I’m back after a week of building a new site. If you have been here before you’ll notice the site looks a little different. I’ve abandoned DotNetNuke and went to writing in Asp.Net directly. Having...

Radioactive Decay Decrease May Reduce Nuclear Waste

I don’t know about you, but with all the talk of global warming it seems likely that we will be generating more of our power from alternative sources and nuclear seems the only short-term answer...

Godaddy Web Hosting - A Good Value

I’ve been a fan of Godaddy.com for a number of years now. Besides cheap domain names, they really have pretty decent web service. I’ve read all sorts of reports from various forums and blogs as...

Travel in Europe has its Ups and Downs

On occasion, I travel to Europe on business for my day job (Blue Onion Software is my hobby, not my living, bummer). Travel in Europe is really easy compared to what is was say 20...

Ruby and Sapphire in Steel

Scott Hanselman’s blog is one my favorites. He does a great job of condensing complex and interesting technologies into manageable chunks. The link below discusses Ruby and a very cool tool called Sapphire in Steel...

Quick Maps Beta

Quickmaps allows one to annotate Google maps with lines, symbols and text. It’s a mashup (meaning a website or web application that uses content from more than one source to create a completely new service)....

.Net 3.0 Features

One of the things I’ll write about from time to time is programming in Microsoft’s .Net Frameworks. The Java, Ruby, Python, crowds will moan. Quite frankly, I don’t have much patience for these comments. I’ve...

Back From Germany

Had to take a few days off to fly to Germany. My day job requires regular trips to the Germany these days. I really like the food there, maybe a bit too much. As you...

Welcome to Bloget

Success! Despite my best efforts, you’ve managed to get Bloget working. Here a few tips to help keep you going. Backup regularly! Bloget writes to files, not a database so it should be relatively easy...
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