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"One File, One Binary, One Blog"

Sunday, 17 February 2008 - Bloget Beta 1 available for download!

Bloget is an ASP.NET Custom Control that easily and quickly creates a blog for your Web site. You can add a new blog to your Web site in as little as two lines of code.

<%@ register tagprefix="bloget" namespace="BlueOnionSoftware" assembly="Bloget"%>
<bloget:BlogetBlog runat="server" ID="bloget" DataContext="~/App_Data/Bloget.xml"/>

When you display the page, Bloget initializes itself, creates a welcome entry, and gives you hints on how to use your new blog. See the documentation for more details.

Features include:

  • Single binary distribution. Copy one file to your Web site and you're ready to go!
  • MetaWeblog API support including image uploads. Works with many blog editors including Windows Live Writer and BlogJet
  • No database required. All data is saved in XML files (Provider model allows extension to databases)
  • No changes to your web.config or IIS server required
  • Builtin MS Word like editing using OpenWysiwyg
  • Simple, easy to understand Administrative controls
  • RSS 2.0 Feeds (including templates for extended customization!)
  • BlogML support
  • Categories
  • Comments including options to disable globally, by posting and to limit the number of comments per posting.
  • Comment moderation
  • Extensive customization using templates
  • Caching for quick responses and reduced loads
  • 100% C# 2.0
  • Pingback
  • Logging - includes integrated log viewer
  • Timezone offsets
  • Index view - See all your blog entries and filter by categories
  • Archive control - Lists months which have blog postings.
  • Blog Roll control - Point this control at your OPML file (http:// or file://) and you have an instant blog roll. It can even randomize and limit the selections for large blog rolls.
  • Blog Title control - Sometimes you want to separate the title from the body of your blog. This control let's you do just that.
  • Build-in search
  • Related posts
  • Works with ASP.Net membership providers
  • Contact form
  • Source code included!

Bloget was created because I wanted a blog I could use and where my data remained my data. Bloget represents a fresh approach, integrating easily with existing Web sites without taking them over. Bloget is stable and fast. And as always, free for the using so download away. Enjoy and as always, send feedback. - mike@mike-ward.net

Download Bloget