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December 10, 2011  |  

Friday Links #180


Silverlight 5 is released!
Zikes/circle-menu – GitHub
Git vs. Mercurial | CUBRID Blog
Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing (FXAA)
Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) – Javascript
try-catch-FAIL | SOLID - Things Every Senior .NET Developer Should Know, Part 2
Public Service Announcement: Careful With Your Nested Border-Radii
What's the difference? Remainder vs Modulus
New CSS Editor Improvements in Visual Studio (ASP.NET 4.5 Series) - ScottGu's Blog
CodeKit — THE Mac App For Web Developers
Coalescing CancellationTokens from Timeouts


Google Currents News Reader Debuts (Phew!)
Print Friendly for Chrome Lets You Easily Remove Unwanted Web Page Elements Before Printing

Science and Technology

Bluetooth keyboards will get 10-year battery life with new chip, Broadcom promises – Techworld
Nissan, Mercedes Test Wireless EV Chargers
BBC News - Kepler 22-b: Earth-like planet confirmed

On the Web

2 Best Sites For Tracking Santa Claus With Your Little Ones

Stuff I Just Like

simplehuman Sensor Soap Pump
DeWalt Compound Action Pliers
Space War

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